Hearthstone’s Amazing Curse: New Expansion released and they’re Crazy Awesome!

The much anticipated new expansion of Hearthstone launched last week to a crazed frenzy. Now, Hearthstone players can get access to new cards with the Single Player Adventure that the expansion brings. If you don’t know what we’re talking about check the cinematic trailer here:



The expansion includes 5 solo player wings/dungeons. On each wing, there will be bosses that you can challenge and, for every one you defeat, you get a cards from the expansion added to your card library. Each wing, however, will be launched separately. This week, it was the 1st wing, the Arachnid Quarter, that was launched. Next week, another wing will be launched and another the following week until all 5 wings have been launched. So it will be a while until all those sweet new cards are available for us to get. Wanna see what new cards the expansion has to offer? Hearthstone has a Facebook gallery containing all of it:


New cards, woooohoooo!

New cards, woooohoooo!

Now, only the 1st wing is free (at least, until the end of the expansion’s launch month. After that, the 1st wing also needs to be purchased). Each of the wings can be purchased using in-game gold or real money. Here’s a breakdown if you’re interested.

Every Curse comes with a Price

Every Curse comes with a Price


I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of powerful new decks will be possible with these new cards. I’ll wonder about that later though. For now, I’ll be battling Kel’Thuzad’s minions towards the goal of conquering the Curse of Naxxramas for all them nice loots 😀



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