James McAvoy Was a Faun, Assassin, and Doctor Before Becoming Professor X

James McAvoy as the younger Professor X

James McAvoy as the younger Professor X

Before Professor X…

James McAvoy is known worldwide, especially to the younger generation, as Professor Charles Xavier from the movies X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past. However before he became the world’s most powerful mutant, James McAvoy portrayed a couple of very interesting characters in this movie career. You probably missed him in some of these movies because you didn’t recognize him then so allow us to jog your memory a bit. ^^

Mr. Tumnus the Faun from Chronicles of Narina

Whooaaaa, hehe.

Whooaaaa, hehe.

Yes folks, James McAvoy played a half man, half goat mythical creature in the Chronicles of Narina movie! His species was called “fauns” and he was the first creature that befriended Lucy Pevensie when she first enters Narnia.

Wesley Gibson the Master Assassin from Wanted

Guy has pecs.

Guy has pecs.

McAvoy played the character who was the heir of a secret organization of assassins in the movie Wanted. He starred alongside Angelia Jolie. This still remains to be one of our all-time favorite action movies. If you haven’t watched this one yet make sure you get yourselves a copy and do! Much more kick-ass than both X-Men movies combined.

Kevin Macdonald the Scottish Doctor from The Last King of Scotland

So diplomatic looking!

So diplomatic looking!

This is, without a doubt, one of the most critically acclaimed performances of McAvoy. He really showed his acting chops in this film where he played the role of the personal physician to dictator Idi Amin in Uganda. McAvoy won Best Actor of the Year from BAFTA and even received a nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in the same awards show.

Awesome dude really. Can’t wait to see what’s next for him!

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  1. Although this is not really a movie but a mini-series, he was also Leto Atreides in the Sci-fy hit Children of Dune. 😀

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