Renowned Action and Horror Writer Working on a Dumbo Live Action Movie

Kick Ass Dumbo Coming Up!

Yes, you read that correctly. Disney is working on a live-action Dumbo movie and they hired a pretty interesting and fascinating writer to do the script.

Ehren Kruger was tapped to work on the story and he’s not your usual Disney fantasy writer. He’s primarily known to be the main writer of Michael Bay for the Transformers franchise (yes including the horrible Transformers 4: Age of Extinction). Other than that he was also the man behind The Ring, The Ring 2, Scream 3, Scream 4, and Brothers Grimm.

Looks like Dumbo will be a kick ass movie with demonic monsters, lots of slow motion, and tons of explosions. Lol xD

Source: THR

Author: Alexander San Juan

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