Vin Diesel Shows You How Many Ways to Say “I am Groot!”

Groot, the ever lovable (and current fan favorite) walking flora from Guardians of the Galaxy has only 3 lines: I. Am. Groot. So it may interest you to know that Vin Diesel (who have had training before as the voice of the Iron Giant in the animated feature of the same name), had to record the line in various different iterations.

In fact, in each “I am Groot” line, Diesel had to ask director James Gunn what those words meant in relation to context so he can properly create the right speech pattern to fit that particular “I am Groot” line.

I. Am. Groot!

I. Am. Groot!


In this fun video, Vin Diesel shows you his method of getting into character and how he had to say I am Groot in 5 different languages — including Mandarin! O.o


Author: Colin Chan

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