Hulkbuster Cosplay — Need we say more?!


We’ve been treated to a flurry of amazing Cosplay by out international visitors and it’s hard not to recognize how we’re slowly coming to our own as cosplayers at the recently concluded Asia Pop Comic Con, but here’s something new that will make even the best question their work.

We’ve seen functional Iron Man suits with faceplates that open up, rocket panels on the forearms, and there was even a Hulkbuster you can take a picture with at the APCC… But this will knock your socks off.

Extreme Costumes just built a Hulkbuster. Check out the video. Amazeballs!!!

So, challenge accepted? What can we expect from other cosplayers in the future? Galing! Grabe!

Source: i09

Author: Jamie Inocian

Digital Sales Manager of Unbox by day, All-around Geek by night... and day.

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  1. How Can I attach a picture on this? I want o show may Freaking Awesome HulkBuster Cosplay

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