A long time ago… In a Galaxy far far away…

It was foretold announced that the promised one Star Wars Battlefront would reveal itself launch one day…

That day is TODAY!

The battle starts once again in a Galaxy Far Far Away

The battle starts once again in a Galaxy Far Far Away

A while back, we showed you a video of how the gameplay went during their BETA. Now, the real deal is HERE. You now have FULL ACCESS to the game including various maps and… *manly high-pitched noise* the HEROES AND VILLAINS! Of course, there’s much much more and you’ll definitely want get into the battles as soon as you can. Not convinced on the game? Check out this gameplay video of battles with the special characters of the game! I was definitely wow’d and even more hyped after seeing it! Enjoy the launch, everyone, and May The Force Be With You!

Author: Rob Yatco

Managing Editor of Ungeek - YouTuber, Video Gamer, and Board Gamer by Passion. Freelance Marketer and Strategist by Trade. Enjoys story-based games and pizza... you can never have enough pizza. Mmmm, pizza...

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