Bridging the Generation Gap in the Upcoming TV Series, “The Great Indoors”

The Millennials are in for some schooling as Gen-X adventure reporter Jack Gordon of Outdoor Limits Magazine, a man who has explored one end of the world to another, has been called in by fellow outdoors man and magazine founder Roland to a supervisory role as the magazine makes its move to a web-publishing only brand. Hilarity ensues from their generation gap as Jack struggles to adapt and understand this new generation of journalists… or maybe its just the other way around. Check out the trailer below.



Starring Joel McHale, Stephen Fry, Chris Williams, Shaun Brown, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Christine Ko, Susannah Fielding, the series is set to premiere this October, 2016.

Author: Francis N

The N stands for Nobody. Nobody, nobody but you *clap, clap* I want nobody, nobody but you *clap, clap*. Admit it, you sang that! :p

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