Snapchat continues where Google Glass left off with their wearable technology eyewear, ‘Spectacles’!

The company behind the popular social app Snapchat, now known as Snap Inc., has released its first hardware wearable device called Spectacles.

Spectacles by Snap Inc, formerly known as  Snapchat Inc. (Source:

Spectacles by Snap Inc, formerly known as  Snapchat Inc. (Source:


Spectacles is a wearable technology eyewear that can be connected to the Snapchat app via Bluetooth or WIFI.

Recording video with Spectacles

Recording video with Spectacles


With a single push of a button, Spectacles can record 10 seconds of video that is automatically pushed to the Memories section of the Snapchat app. It uses a camera with a 115-degree angle field of vision, which closely resembles to a person’s actual field of vision.


Spectacles can be linked to your SnapChat app via Bluetooth or WIFI (Source:


In addition, Spectacles has created a circular view of the video to give a natural playback experience of viewing video at one’s natural point of view. But you may still view the video’s playback in full-screen, whether on landscape or portrait orientation.

Features of Spectacles

Features of Spectacles


Spectacles colors (Source:

Spectacles colors (Source:


Spectacles offers a stylish look that can be casually as a regular sunglasses and will be available for sale later this fall at USD 130.00.

For the meantime, here’s a preview of Spectacles.

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