The Tokyo Game Show 2016 was a wonderland for any video game geek. The sights and sounds of the con – the giant experiential booths as well as the various presentations they made and more – would get your heart racing through their sheer awesomeness. One aspect that really stood out was how the con had awesome booth babes! In this article, we’ll run through, in no particular order, the TOP 5 Booth Babes of TGS 2016.


The Capcom Booth Babes

Going with a very “Maid Cafe” kind of feel, their blue-and-white color theme and their warm accommodating smiles were sure to make you feel welcome to check out the awesomeness of the Capcom booth.



The SEGA Booth Babe

The SEGA Booth babes went for a super cutesy-sporty look eagerly inviting you to line-up to try their featured games! They were giving away fans too 🙂



The Konami Winning Eleven Booth Babes

Speaking of sporty, Konami was indeed highlighting sports as a main part of their experiential booths and the Konami Booth Babes were giving away Winning Eleven 2017 fans! Gotta love their gold and grey outfits!



The Square-Enix Final Fantasy XIV Online Booth Babes

As a Final Fantasy fan, yes, this was a biased pick. I just thought they had a very cute look about them… PLUS THE MOG FANS! I needed to have one!



The Valkyria: Azure Revolution Booth Babes

Last but not the least, we have the Valkyria: Azure Revolution booth babes. This is back in the SEGA area but seriously, I could not ignore the awesomeness of the cosplay. I don’t know why but the outfit sort of reminds me of the Attack on Titan uniform. Maybe that’s just me though… O_O



That’s our top 5! Who was your favorite? Did we miss anything that you feel should’ve made the list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Till next time, everyone! Keep on gamin! 😉