Hammerhead’s Hottie, Cindy Aurum Will Be Getting the Play Arts Kai Treatment


Continuing the awesome lineup of Final Fantasy XV figures from Play Arts Kai, Square Enix just opened up its pre-orders for Hammerhead’s resident mechanic Cindy Aurum, Cid’s grease monkey grand-daughter.


The figure stands at 11 inches tall and is packed with a lot of stuff. As expected, the box comes with related accessories, aside from the usual interchangeable hand pieces and figure stand, it also includes a tool box complete with a ratchet and adjustable wrench.


Check out the images provided by Square Enix below, and marvel at the intricate details:


The item will roll out around July 2017 with an estimated price of $140.

To those interested to get it in the Philippines, the figure is most likely up for order on your favorite friendly local toy and game stores. Datablitz is offering early birds a promotional acrylic name plate if you pre- order at one of their branches.

“There she is, all pretty again!”

“Take care of her, you hear?”

I can totally see this being collected for its artistic merit alone… Said no one ever!


Author: Brian Papa

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