This Choir-Style Singing of the ‘EVANGELION’ Anime OP Theme will Definitely Make your Day!

When we saw this video, it was nothing short of EPIC. Goosebumps and nostalgia all around! I have to say, I lost it at the Hallelujah part given the title of the vid. hahaha Check this awesome choir-style singing of the Evangelion Opening Theme, “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”:


Oh man. It’s sooo good that I had it on repeat for quite a while! hahaha I’m no music expert but, in my humble opinion, they just did it so well and their singing was on-point!



I gotta say, it’s just great how Anime (especially classic anime because personal nostalgia :P) bleeds into the real world from time to time. Remember last year when a dude sang the Dragonball theme “Cha-La Head-Cha-La” in THE VOICE?


Ahhh sooo good! More of this please! These kinds of things will almost always brighten up my day! 🙂 Know of more times things like these happened? Fire away at the comments below! 😀

Author: Rob Yatco

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