Gundam Hobbyist Passed Into The Iris and Made This Awesome Zenyatta Figure!


Photo credit: Glu Uygongco

What do you get when you mix two good hobbies into one? It transcends into greatness, of course!


Photo credit: Glu Uygongco

Recently, Glu Uygongco from the Overwatch Philippines Facebook group took to the site and shared this amazing Zenyatta figure! Just check out the detail on that thing!


Photo credit: Glu Uygongco

Aside from the fact that the model looks strikingly accurate from its digital counterpart, what made this more awesome is that our favorite Omnic Monk here was made from various Gundam parts!


Photo credit: Glu Uygongco

From Glu’s comment on his Facebook post he said that the figure is a “kitbash” (Combining parts from different Gundam kits) and the “Upper body is HG Barbatos and RG Exia. Lower body is HG Graze and RG Gundam MK II. The rest are scratch built” (Scratch build =  parts from various materials)

Great job man! Hoping that one day we might “experience tranquility” like you did!

Author: Brian Papa

Geek gamer extraordinaire who constantly continues to champion the cardboard cause one uninitiated muggle a time! Meeples love me. Dice hate me.

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