‘The Foreigner’ brings you a Dark Side of Jackie Chan and it looks FANTASTIC!

We’re all used to seeing Jackie Chan in roles where he takes on this fun quirky martial artist persona. That’s does NOT seem to be the case in THE FOREIGNER. It’s dark. It’s serious. and, my god, it looks really damn good. Check out the trailer here.


When we saw this trailer come out, we had no doubt in our mind that we needed to see it. Not only is Jackie Chan there with another iconic actor, Pierce Brosnan, but the premise of the movie looks really great. From what was show in the trailer, it shows Jackie Chan’s character losing his daughter to a terrorist bombing. He then goes on to ask for the names of the people responsible for the bombing. While the police and the government seem to think that he’s just a normal old man, it quickly becomes apparent that there is more to Jackie Chan’s character than meets the eye.


While there is no specified date on when the movie will be showing, you can bet that we will be waiting in excitement for more details to come out!

Author: Rob Yatco

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