XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Expansion Announced! | E3 2017 PC Gaming Show Highlights

Fresh off the PC Gaming Show in E3, a new expansion to XCOM 2 has been announced and it’s bound to enrich your XCOM 2 gaming experience. Welcome to the War of the Chosen!


So what’s new with this expansion? War of the Chosen introduces a few main things to the game – The Chosen (the alien champions that you’ll be fighting over and over again but will continue to learn and become stronger as you progress), 3 Factions to recruit (to add to your battle power), and The Lost (zombie-like creatures which are actually heavily-mutated humans that may interfere with your battles). Watch the video below to hear what Jake Solomon (Creative Director of Firaxis Games) has to say about the new content in the expansion.


War of the Chosen is going to be full of new content that will bolster your XCOM 2 gaming. You’ll have new enemies, new classes, new story, and many many more! This massive expansion comes your way on August 29, 2017!

Author: Rob Yatco

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