You loved it before and, now we’re bringing it to you again! We’re giving you our Top 10 Booth Babes in Tokyo Game Show 2017! TGS 2016 has some of the best booth babes in region and maybe even the world so we were definitely curious if this year’s TGS can top last years. Let’s get down to it!

The Capcom Booth Babes



With the Capcom booth most likely being the first one you’ll see as you enter the con floor, these beauties will greet you with a warm cute smile and pleasing demeanor. Props on the awesome sleek outfits as well!


The Razer Booth Babes

You’ll find them sporting the Razer look along with some Razer swag. With their various accessories and props like the those little cardboard hearts and those cute neko-type headsets, it’s super fun to take photos of them. You’ll probably end up taking photos with them anyway if you wanna win their booth giveaways like the Razer Spinner!


The Yakuza Booth Babes

Ahh the Yakuza Booth Babes just emanate this aura of class. They stay in this small platform for pictorials and they sport these very elegant dresses and wear an aura of mystique around them. You can catch them in the SEGA Booth area.


The Monster Booth Babes




At the end of Hall 8, you’ll find the Monster Booth where you can get a can of Monster, get booth swag, play Assassin’s Creed Origins, and see these beauties! With their captivating allure, you’ll feel the urge to take a photo with them along with the Assassin’s Creed Origins statue with just a gaze.



The Earth Defense Force 5 Booth Babes

Not only are these girls gorgeous, they also have a huge giant robot near their stage which makes for the best photo-ops. Definitely visual eye candy! You get a free fan too for visiting so it’s really a win-win!


That’s not to say that the rest were lackluster. In fact, this was definitely a tough list to make because most of them were also amazing! Check out our gallery below for our honorable mentions!

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That’s it! Hope you liked our list. If we missed anyone (because we weren’t really able to fully go around during Day 1, please let us know in the comments!

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