Ahh booth babes. We love em… and, apparently, you guys love em as well – judging from how well received our booth babe article was from TGS. So who says we have to wait for another full year for the next booth babe article? It’s ESGS weekend, baybay! And it’s time we shared with you our Top 5 Booth Babes of the ESports and Gaming Summit 2017!


The Thermaltake Booth Babes



The Monster Booth Babes

The HyperX Booth Babes


The WalletCodes Booth Babes


The FSP Booth Babes


Of course, there were others as well. Check out our Honorable Mentions Gallery down below!

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There are definitely a lot of beauties to see both in and out of game here at ESGS! Be sure to drop by during the weekend here at the SMX Convention Center!