8-bit, in surround 3D? Why not!
8-bit, in surround 3D? Why not!

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If you’re a gamer, you most likely have heard of the Oculus Rift – that magical new device that takes gaming immersion into a whole new level using goggles and head movement detection. I was so curious about it before that I kept watching videos of YouTubers playing it. A lot of the games I’ve seen, however, was of the horror genre and YES, don’t get wrong, they were interesting but it wasn’t until this video that I felt so much hype for the coming of the Oculus Rift:


Disclaimer: We were supposed to use the video from famed YouTuber PewdiePie but it contained far more swearing and cursing than actual explaining and generally immersing in 8-bit land. But if you want to check his channel out head over here.


Yes, your eyes did NOT deceive you. Someone made an Oculus Rift port of the Classic Zelda that first appeared on the NES. While it may not be perfect, just seeing that video made me feel an immense amount of nostalgia. It also makes you imagine the possibilities of amazing Oculus games! I felt even more excited when I saw this proof-of-concept video for an Oculus port of the Ocarina of Time!


I love how the Oculus opens the possibility to RE-EXPERIENCE games from a different perspective. I’d definitely be interested in playing a game again if it was given from the Oculus perspective.  Until then, I anxiously wait for the games that will be coming out .


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