Expect the Unexpected: 5 things you should be prepared for with The Walking Dead Season 5

An intense new season for The Walking Dead has begun, and here are five things that you should be prepared for in the event you're a newbie or need some pointers to guide you through this highly acclaimed zombie drama TV series!

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Gear up survivors, for it’s back to Walker Country and the harsh post-apocalyptic world that those lucky enough to live face. AMC has finally unleashed the fifth season of The Walking Dead, and fans of the highly acclaimed TV Series have literally praised the premiere as a “grand comeback” for the zombie drama show based on the comic book series of the same name created by Robert Kirkman.

The principle returning cast of The Walking Dead for Season 5. Photo by AMC.

If you’ve seen the first episode of the new season called “No Sanctuary“, things escalated pretty quickly after Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, and the rest of their group of survivors were captured by the folks of Terminus. To call it a “Big Opening” to the season is an understatement, as plenty of things happened – people died, shots were fired, and more walkers started coming out of the woodwork to devour any flesh they could get their rotting hands on.

However, this post won’t delve too much into what happened on the premiere, and instead will make you prepared for what this brand new season will most likely be feeding its audience and what the survivors will have to do in order to stay alive and ahead of the game. So here’s five things one should be presently aware of before stepping into Season 5. If there’s anything past seasons of TWD have proven, it’s to “expect the unexpected” and that anything can happen in a world ravaged by the undead.

"Survive" teaser poster of Season 5 released after the end of Season 4, featuring Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) kneeling in a dark room with a ray of light shining down on him. Photo by AMC.

Of course, SPOILERS will be discussed here, so read with caution… And better if you’ve already up to date with The Walking Dead TV Series.


Terminus and the living threat

While the reanimated corpses of the deceased are as much a danger to Rick Grimes, his group, and anyone else who has managed to survive, the biggest and most unpredictable threat will always be humans – or those unwilling to help their fellowman and gain for their own reasons. Season 3 introduced that stark and deadly scenario with The Governor – a narcissistic and maniacal survivor who would kill anyone who stands in his way of attaining what he needs in order to survive. He held power of the community of Woodbury and built it as a “safe haven” where he could manipulate people into doing his bidding.


Now with Terminus, Rick and his group have unwittingly stepped into a false sense of security. Led by the mysterious young man known as Gareth, this so called “Sanctuary for all. Community for all” is a false backdrop for something sinister and grotesque that they’ve captured people alive and taken their personal belongings for their own needs. If the Season 4 Finale clued anyone in about what exactly these Terminians are, they’re not the next door neighbor types at all.


Rick Grimes – the complete leader

As the central character of the series, Rick Grimes has undergone significant experiences in his life since the zombie apocalypse began. From waking up in an abandoned hospital to reuniting and leading a group of survivors, his humanity and moral code have been significantly challenged thanks to the harsh new world they live in, forcing him to adapt and become whatever it takes in order to survive.


Once being a champion of “not killing the living”, Rick has had to make the harder choices in order to protect his friends and family, most notably his son Carl and daughter Judith. Even after giving up leadership duties in the first half of Season 4, he has had to step back into the game and become the figurehead everyone looks up to. Now accepting his brutal side and recognizing he needs to think on his feet based on the situation, the Rick Grimes we’ll see in Season 5 will be someone not to be trifled with… With the former Sheriff’s Deputy a complete man and leader still holding on to his signature Colt Python at all times.


The mission to Washington – a cure for humanity?

There’s no doubt that everyone who’s watched The Walking Dead have moved past the whole CDC situation in the first season, where Dr. Edward Jenner announced that there was no solution to the outbreak and that every single human in the planet was infected with the mysterious disease that brings the dead back to life. However in the latter half of Season 4, Glenn Rhee and Tara meet Sgt. Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, and Dr. Eugene Porter – a trio set on a mission to go to Washington and find what remains of the government. This is because Dr. Porter claims he knows how the outbreak started, and that there is a way to find a cure and put an end to the zombie epidemic once and for all.

If that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Then again, it’s a journey and mission that everyone is willing to risk their lives for in the name of the greater good. Now that Rick Grimes has met Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene and has a clear idea of their mission, will he and his group risk everything for a chance or just find more deadly obstacles and death threats in their path.


Beth Greene – Where is she?

By now, everyone has probably seen the Comic Con trailer to Season 5 and have gotten a clear idea of what happens with Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, and the other fan favorites… But what about Maggie’s sister, Beth?

At the latter half of Season 4, Beth escaped the fall of The Prison with Daryl. The pair survived together on the road and went from an abandoned gold club to a shack filled with all kinds of liquor. Eventually, they came across a cemetery and a funeral home stocked with supplies. That sanctuary proved to be temporary however, as zombies attacked and forced the two to abandon the house. Unfortunately, Beth was taken away by an unknown kidnapper in a car, leaving Daryl to run in a futile attempt to get her back. Since then, no mention of her whereabouts has been made… Until the SDCC ’14 trailer showed scenes of the youngest daughter of Hershel in some hospital being forced to work with a group of survivors who have made it their home. What their agenda and if Beth will ever reunite with her friends and sister is unknown. We’ll just have to keep watching as the series progresses.


Father Gabriel Stokes and the unknown

As the season progresses, Rick and the rest of his group will encounter more dangers and obstacles in their path to find sanctuary and possibly the solution to the outbreak as Dr. Porter claims. However, they’ll also meet new faces and other survivors who will cross paths with them… Including one Father Gabriel Stokes, who will be played by Seth Gilliam. Those who have read the comics will recognize the character’s name, as well as his background and history on what happened to him before meeting Rick and the others. How that will be handled in the TV Series is anyone’s guess, but it will most likely bear some elements from the source material for sure.


That’s pretty much it for now… And it will certainly be a hard and dangerous road for Rick and his friends to pursue.

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