Arrow: Full look at Katie Cassidy as “Black Canary”

In Case You Missed It, The CW has officially released the first FULL LOOK of actress Katie Cassidy playing a fully suited up Dinah Laurel Lance... AKA The Black Canary in the third season of "Arrow"!

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If you haven’t been keeping up with The CW’s awesome vigilante superhero TV Series Arrow, then you’re certainly missing out on some primetime storytelling and a new interpretation of the legend of DC Comics’ resident Emerald Archer, Green Arrow. The show is now on its third season and has become stronger than ever, bringing Oliver Queen’s crusade to a new level and introducing new elements as well as enemies to the fold.

In fact, one of those new changes happens to involve Dinah Laurel Lance, Ollie’s ex-girlfriend and former love interest, who will be taking on the role of “Black Canary” this season following a tragic incident in the season that ignites a fire inside of her to become a costumed hero on her own. That is because of SPOILER, which we’ll get into just after the reveal of actress Katie Cassidy with her new look below courtesy of the official Arrow Facebook page.



And there you have it. Laurel is going to follow in her late younger sister Sara’s footsteps and become a costumed vigilante, acquiring training from Ted Grant/ Wildcat to avenge The Canary’s murder and carry on her mission as the “Black Canary“.


The character will be making her first full appearance in the Arrow Season 3 episode “Left Behind“.