Season’s Greetings~! Five action films set in Christmas to watch this holiday season

Enjoyed your Christmas and looking for something to watch that sees action brewing in the holidays? These five films from yesteryears and recent memory set during the Yuletide may give you something good to kick back to. Merry Christmas!

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Greetings and Happy Holidays folks! The Christmas spirit is in the air, and I’m sure many of you are celebrated good times with your families and loved ones as you read this post right now. Those of us who enjoy gathering around, opening presents, and enjoying the good things a geek can have will surely want to pop in a movie or two just to kick back and enjoy the holidays in style, so here are a few superhero movie recommendations with a Christmas theme to them that you can play on and watch for fun or otherwise!


1. Lethal Weapon

The Buddy Cop movie that helped popularize the genre and helped make Mel Gibson and Danny Glover a pair for action and comedy, the very first Lethal Weapon showed that even two very different men can become the best of friends once they get to know each other. A late 80’s action flick that’s set during the Christmas season, Glover’s Roger Murtaugh is a 50 year old cop trying to live clean and by the book… Until an old war buddy’s daughter dies and he’s compelled to investigate the case if it’s a suicide or not. Then things get more intense and unpredictable after he’s assigned a new partner in Martin Riggs – another cop that’s depressed and suicidal after recently losing his wife and a registered “Lethal Weapon” with skills learned from his time in the U.S Army Special Forces. Both men soon find that the case is more than just a suicide… And that they have to learn to work together to stop a common enemy from killing both of them and their loved ones before its too late.


2. Die Hard

“Welcome to the party, pal!”

Definitely the one movie to make the Christmas lights go up in style, Bruce Willis stars as NYPD Detective John McClane in this high-explosive, one-man doing the impossible action flick to save his wife and a group of hostages from a madman who captures an entire building uses it a collateral to pull of a heist.

It just had to happen during McClane’s Christmas vacation… and all you need to know is “Yippee-Ki-Yay”! A MUST SEE.


3. Batman Returns

Definitely the kind of film that helped make DC Comics’ own Dark Knight a familiar presence in cinema and film history, Tim Burton’s sophomore outing with the Caped Crusader is fondly remembered for being set during the holiday season and pitting Michael Keaton’s Batman against two costumed villains – Penguin and Catwoman. The 1992 film brought in Danny DeVito to play the twisted and umbrella using criminal Oswald Cobblepot, who was literally born with defects that made him look and act like the cold-blooded animal he was named after, and the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed Selina Kyle, former assistant to crooked businessman Maxwell


4. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Want something hard-boiled, funny, and utterly hilarious? How about Shane Black’s directorial debut film Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, which paired Robert Downey Jr. together with Val Kilmer on this other “Cop-Buddy” flick that’s full of shenanigans, twists, and humor the likes that only these two can deliver.


5. Iron Man

Here’s something recent that shows more of everyone’s favorite genius, billionaire playboy, and philanthropist… Who also happens to be the man behind a very powerful armored suit and who needs to use his wit this time instead of his powers all the time. Iron Man 3 is directed by Lethal Weapon screenwriter Shane Black, and features Robert Downey Jr. back as Tony Stark with all of his wits and toys that he uses for superheroics as the armored avenger. Set during the Christmas season, Tony finds himself in a much more intense situation when he literally butts heads with demons from his past, forcing him to confront a terrorist and an unstable virus called “Extremis” that’s giving its users enhanced abilities. It’s the kind of film that will certainly delight those who love a good dose of action, humor, and plenty of special effects that bring to life all those awesome armors that only ol’ shellhead can build for any kind of situation.

And that’s pretty much it for the action flick geeky recommendations from us!