Animated Batman Beyond challenge comes to Injustice: Mobile

If you love Batman and play the mobile edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us on iOS or Android, it's time to go back and take on a new challenge update, as the "Animated Batman Beyond" Gold Card is up for grabs until January 19!

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The Tomorrow Knight has arrived… To users of Injustice Mobile!

Straight from the 1999 hit animated series “Batman Beyond“, DC Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios have reported via the official Injustice Facebook page released a new “Challenge Update” for the mobile edition of the hit DC Universe fighting game “Injustice: Gods Among Us“, which allows iOS and Android users to play for the “Animated Batman Beyond” character card!


The skin, which is different from the actual Batman Beyond game skin that already exists in the console and mobile editions, is lifted from the futuristic cartoon that takes place decades after “Batman: The Animated Series“.

In that show, an aged Bruce Wayne has long retired from crime-fighting as Batman, and Gotham now suffers from a new kind of corruption festering over futuristic advancements in civilization. However, when a young man named Terry McGinnis loses his father to crime and seeks redemption by donning the cowl, Bruce realizes that the world still needs Batman, and takes it upon himself to train and guide his successor to become the new Dark Knight.


Playing Injustice Mobile is simple and easy given its “tap and swipe” mechanics and 3-on-3 tag team gameplay, and Animated Batman Beyond is a steal for those who need someone with a sharp edge and critical damage. This Special Gold Card is equipped with “Winning Edge” – giving Terry some damage boosts to his special attacks for a limited time that have varying effects. Of course, leveling up the card and promoting it will further boost the character’s effectiveness, making this a desirable reward for those who take up the challenge!

Download and play “Injustice Mobile” for FREE, and take on the “Animated Batman Beyond” challenge until January 19!