Breaking News: The Marvel Universe will end with Secret Wars in 2015

It was billed as "the announcement to END all announcements"... And Marvel finally reveals what they meant by that saying. Come May and during their 2015 crossover "Secret Wars", the entire Marvel and Ultimate Universe as we know it will END, leading to an "All-New Marvel Universe" reboot that everyone has been expecting for sometime now.

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It was billed as the “Announcement to END all announcements”… And after the special live-streaming event, now the world knows what Marvel will be doing once they launch their next mega-crossover series “Secret Wars” this coming May.

The entire Marvel Universe, as well as the Ultimate Universe, is coming to an END.


Yes, you read that right. Marvel will be completely ENDING their entire history and saga that began since 1961, hatching the seeds that were planted with Jonathan Hickman’s run on the Avengers titles during the Marvel NOW era, and then baring fruit and wiping out over 75 years of history with the event that sees worlds collide and meet in a place called “Battleworld”, where the heroes and villains of each universe will try in vain to save what they can.


Announced by Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief Alex Alonso and Senior Vice President/ Executive Producer Tom Brevoort in an “Secret Wars Live” event held in Midtown Comics, the end of the Marvel Universe will begin when Jonathan Hickman concludes his Avengers runs with “Avengers #33” and “New Avengers #44”, which sees the conflicts between Captain America, Iron Man, and the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come to a head when “Time Runs Out” and everything leads to Secret Wars. Then, everything will change and lead to the “All-New Marvel Universe“, which is basically a reboot of everything… Something the House of Ideas has been trying to do after DC Comics successfully relaunched their entire line with “The New 52” way back in 2011.

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