Ending Batman 75 in Style – Batman: Hush Part 1 digital comic FREE in comiXology


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    HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!! 2015 has arrived, and there are certainly a TON of new things to look forward to in terms of popculture and everything on the geek side of things. However, the past year brought it’s fir share of awesome as well, including a BIG CELEBRATION for one of comicdom’s biggest superheroes and DC Comics’ own Dark Knight Detective himself, The Batman.


    After honoring the character’s 75 year history run with big celebrations and tie-in honorarium memorabilia, you’d think that would be up and done and it’s back to normal for Caped Crusader fans? Not so! The first chapter of one of the most high-profile Batman stories is actually FREE TO READ digitally in the DC Comics comiXology store!

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    If you have a comiXology account, go to the store and grab your free copy of Batman: Hush Chapter 1! It’s a doozy to read for Batfans, as it sets the stage for a 12-part run that was chronicled from Batman #608 – Batman #620, where the Dark Knight and his allies fight most of his rogues gallery… With the true mastermind called “Hush” using the villains as puppets in his mad quest to destroy BOTH Batman and Bruce Wayne. Also, the Caped Crusader suddenly finds himself closer to Catwoman than ever before. Can Batman finally share and trust Selina Kyle with his double life?

    The freebie is only good for one week and started this past December 30! Grab the DC Essentials/ Batman Essentials “Batman: Hush” part 1 now at the DC Comics Digital Comics store now!

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    Tim Villasor
    Tim Villasor
    Regularly cosplays as Batman (founding member of Justice PH) for events. Writer for GMA Sci-Tech and former contributor to Playground Magazine. Pop culture Crusader.


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