The Amazing Wedding Rumor: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone may tie the knot soon!

Looks like the real-life Amazing couple from the Amazing Spider-Man films are ready to tie the knot, as reports online are surfacing that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, aka Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, are preparing to get married!

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Good news Hollywood and Spidey fans! Looks like a story has surfaced that one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous pairings is apparently ready to tie the knot, and it’s none other than Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy from The Amazing Spider-Man films themselves – Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone!

The Amazing Spiderman 2: Rise Of Electro

According to a report by Hindustantimes, the onscreen and real-life couple have been spotted in Rome, Italy looking for possible venues for their wedding, and it’s expected to happen sometime this Summer. It wouldn’t come as a big surprise either, as both Stone (26) and Garfield (31) have been dating since mid-2011, around the time both were cast as the two big leads for Sony Pictures big Spider-Man reboot film The Amazing Spider-Man, which was directed by Marc Webb. The pair returned for the sequel with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was released last summer and featured Garfield donning an updated and more traditional looking Spidey suit and facing the villainous Electro, played by Jamie Foxx.


Praised for their strong chemistry together and performances in both films, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have remained a tight celebrity couple to this day, and if news of their impending nuptials prove true, Spidey fans can bring out the champagne and celebrate that the dreamy pairing are going to become official! Here’s hoping for a bright future for the talents behind Peter Parker and the love of his life, Gwen Stacy!

In fact, just looking at this scene from ASM 2 makes all the feels legit between them.