The Walking Dead: New key art promotes the second half of Season 5

Prepping up fans for its mid-season return, AMC has released some new key art to promote the second half of Season 5 of their critically acclaimed zombie drama TV Series based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead!

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With literally just a month left to go before it returns and continues the ongoing story of survival amidst the ravages of an undead apocalypse, AMC has released brand new key art for their critically acclaimed zombie drama TV Series “The Walking Dead” to promote the second half of the show’s fifth season.

Shown of course in the poster are the remaining members of Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes‘ crew, as they make their way through a long and devastated neighborhood that has clearly seen better days. Rick of course is dressed and ready to encounter the dangers as the de facto leader of his group, holding an AK-47 and with his signature Colt Python holstered as ever. With the exception of his right hand man Daryl Dixon, everyone else is walking forward to parts unknown. Rick and Daryl on the other hand gaze back and look towards the poster shot, with the map Sgt. Abraham Ford left Officer Grimes mapping the way to Washington, and the words “The New World’s Gonna Need Rick Grimes” written in it.

Revealed in the show’s official Facebook page, The Walking Dead continues to entertain, surprise, and devastate fans with each passing episode and season that comes by. The Mid-Season Finale of Season 5 dealt a crushing blow to viewers with its ending, and it still resonates well into their hearts and minds. Rick and his group have gone through a lot to search for a safe haven that isn’t in danger of being invaded by the undead, yet they have also encountered opposing forces in the form of other survivors who are as dangerous or worse than the zombies themselves. The environment remains unpredictable, forcing everyone to resort to desperate measures in desperate times just to stay alive and survive.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC and participating international channels starting February 8.