Ohhh yeahhhh
Ohhh yeahhhh

Warcraft Fans… This One is for Ya!

If you’re a Warcraft gamer or fan you probably know who Deathwing is. Yes, he’s the big bad-ass dragon that wreaks havoc in Azeroth. Heck his reappearance alone caused continents to shatter and transform. He didn’t get his monicker, “The Destroyer”, by accident. This beast lives up to his name and he deserves a statue that is made from pure epicness. Sideshow Collectibles was up to the challenge and their recent promotional materials of this limited edition polystone statue just made all of our jaws drop to the floor.

Check out the photos. The gamer in you will probably be going “OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!” as you scroll down. 😛





Wing span of the statue? Over 30 flippin’ inches. Weight? Over 30 flippin’ pounds. Price? A whopping $599. Hehe.

Deathwing the Destroyer by Sideshow Collectibles is expected to ship out in the last quarter of this year. I know where part of my Christmas bonus is going to. Argh.


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