FIRST LOOK: DC Comics unveils Brandon Routh as The Atom

After building up the character of Ray Palmer to great form in recent episodes of Arrow, DC Comics has unveiled the FIRST LOOK of Brandon Routh fully suited up as the superhero known to the world as "The Atom"!

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The world first came to know him as Superman/ Clark Kent in the 2006 film “Superman Returns“. Then he played another lead comic book character in “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night“, and even appeared as one of the evil ex-boyfriends of Ramona Flowers in Edgar Wright’s live-action adaptation of “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World“.

Now, Hollywood actor Brandon Routh can add another alter-ego officially to his resume, as DC Comics unveils the very first look of his Arrow character Ray Palmer fully suited up as the superhero called “The Atom“!

Now for comparison’s sake… Here’s The Atom as he appeared in the comics.


And now, here’s Brandon Routh all suited up in the Arrowverse!


As a realistic portrayal of characters based from the DC Universe, Ray Palmer’s “A.T.O.M” suit is the businessman’s bid to protect his home of Starling City as a vigilante hero much like The Arrow. Originally designated O.M.A.C., but now standing for “Advanced Technology Operating Mechanism“, the exosuit is made from a “Dwarf Star Alloy” and will allow Palmer to fight against villains using high-tech gear and devices. It’s still not known how the suit will allow the hero to use his trademark ability to shrink in size (hence his namesake), but with Arrow having already having a spinoff series in The Flash, anything is possible in this “Arrowverse” created by The CW. We’ll just have to wait and see!

And speaking of The Flash, Ray Palmer will be visiting Central City on the 18th episode of the series and teaming up with Barry Allen!


Catch The Atom very soon in episodes of The Flash and Arrow!