Fans who were into the classic Kenner Super Powers Collection and Batman The Animated Series lines of action figures are going to get a sense of BIG NOSTALGIA come next year, as Gentle Giant Ltd. has announced that they are releasing 12 inch versions of the classic toys in 2016!

In a post from Comic detailing the blown up rerelease of the collectibles based on the vintage DC Comics inspired toylines, the Super Powers line will include Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, The Flash, and The Joker. Batman The Animated Series fans will be getting the Dynamic Duo as they appeared in the show, with Batman and Robin the only releases for that line so far.

All figures have the same articulation as their original small counterparts, as well as the trademark cloth cape that comes attached with the likes of Superman, Batman, and Robin. Be sure to watch out for these come January 2016


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