Prepare for more power play with Season 3 of Netflix’s “House of Cards”

Preparing fans and audiences for the return of one of its popular shows, Netflix rolls out the red carpet for the return of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as manipulative political power couple Frank and Claire Underwood in the third season of House of Cards!

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One of US Televisions most revered and talked about television shows of late is making a big comeback this week, as Netflix prepares to roll out the red carpet (literally) for Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey and co-star Robin Wright, as they return as power couple political family Frank and Claire Underwood in the third season of “House Of Cards”.

Naturally, this article WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, so click the jump and read if you’re up to date with the show!


Running for another 13 episodes filled with ruthless manipulation, power play, and deceit, the story follows Frank’s tenure as the brand new “President of the United States”, having been sworn in to the most powerful position in the US at the end of the last season. Now at the top of the food chain but still as unrelenting and manipulative as ever, Frank will undoubtedly do whatever it takes to keep himself and his family secure and holding all the power at their disposal. The only question is – can they outsmart enemies new and old from every corner and maintain their position as the new First Family of America?

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House of Cards premieres on February 27 on Netflix!