WATCH: Post-Mortem: The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Environment Shot Build video released

While he's finally coming home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe​ proper pretty soon, Imageworks VFX has released a visual effects breakdown video for the last film that Marc Webb directed and Andrew Garfield starred in as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man​ 2, showcasing some post-production work on how certain scenes were made in the film.


While it may be no more than a distant memory now thanks to the new deal that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios made a few weeks back to bring the webslinger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a brand new video has surfaced online from Imageworks VFX for Marc Webb’s last Spider-Man film “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, which shows how the post-production team went to work in creating the amazing introductory sequence of Spider-Man swinging down to midtown New York catch crooks stealing some sensitive material from OsCorp, as well as the Times Square fight with Electro.

View the video breakdown here, via Imageworks VFX’s YouTube page.



Now that that’s gone and done, the future of Peter Parker and Spidey is on for a new direction now that he is home and a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.