WATCH: “Why Do You Play Tekken?” features 14-Year Old Filipino Champion!

Celebrating 20 years of Tekken comes with recognizing its fans and dedicated players, and one of them happens to be a 14-year old boy who hails from the Philippines! Check out Bandai Namco Games' "Why Do You Play Tekken" short video spotlighting professional kid champion Alexander "AK" Laverez!

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If you happen to be into fighting games, then the word “Tekken” should be synonymous with what is known and popular about those types of games today. Bandai Namco Games long running 3D fighter has been in the forefront of the genre for over two decades, and the company is looking to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the series with the release of Tekken 7 this month.


However the franchise and its success will always stem from its fanbase, and that has consistently grown over the years with various installments released and more tournaments pitting the best of the best against one another in a fight for supremacy. One of the top champions today happens to hail from the Philippines… And it’s a young 14-year old boy named Alexander Laverez, better known by his nickname “AK”.

As the youngest competitor known to date who uses an aggressive fighting style that comes from his passion and determination to play the game, AK is a gifted prodigy who has earned himself critical acclaim and respect from his opponents, peers, and fans in the Tekken fighting game community. In fact, Bandai Namco Games and Tekken¬†series producer Katsuhiro Harada sought out the lad to get his insight and story. Simple and true to his humble roots, he bases his love for the series starting at the age of four when his grandma took him to the mall and he got his first taste of the game in arcades. He has since become a professional gamer who balances his time between school and practicing his skills, and players from Japan and worldwide circuits have noted their respect and surprise for the kid’s prowess in playing Tekken.


During the end segment of the video when Harada asked “Why do you play Tekken?”, AK simply answered “Because it makes me happy”.

Catch more of the “Why Do You Play Tekken?” series in the official Tekken YouTube Channel.