Daredevil: Matt Murdock & Hell’s Kitchen takes center stage in new Motion Teasers

Set to premiere on Netflix this coming April 10, Marvel has released some pretty great motion teasers for their upcoming new superhero TV show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Daredevil!

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Set to hit the small screen in just a month and carrying thirteen episodes of pure action, intensity, and drama worthy of a street level superhero, Marvel and Netflix deliver a new set of motion teasers for their very first TV series that’s set in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Marvel Movies with “Daredevil“!

In the first motion teaser released by Marvel Entertainment, actor Charlie Cox demonstrates his shift from blind attorney Matt Murdock to the first iteration of the Man Without Fear, as lawyer transforms into vigilante.

Then, the dark and gritty portion of New York that Matt protects and resides in known as “Hell’s Kitchen” takes the spotlight, with a motion teaser that shows the blind lawyer and his town in full view.

Losing his sight at a young age due to an accident but gaining heightened senses in the process, Daredevil follows Matt Murdock’s journey to becoming a protector of the innocent. He’s a lawyer by day, but suits up as a dark protector at night to right wrongs and stop criminals from preying on the weak and helpless.

Daredevil hits Netflix on April 10!