FIRST LOOK: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson confirm Zoolander 2 with Valentino Show walk

The Male Model Idiots are coming back! Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson took to the Valentino Show and confirmed that Zoolander 2 is coming in 2016!

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More than a decade later since their first insane appearance… Zoolander and Hansel are coming back for real!

After months and years of speculation, teases, and what not, Hollywood stars and comedians Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson took to the Valentino Show¬†from this year’s Paris Fashion Week event to officially “walk the walk” and confirm that the long awaited sequel to “Zoolander” is in the works!

That’s right… ZOOLANDER 2 is happening, and idiot male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel will be reuniting once more for an adventure that will happen on February next year! According to E! Online, The movie is set to explore Derek as he tries to reinvent himself in the ever-changing world of male modeling, with his rival-turned-best friend Hansel in tow as well. The film will be directed by Justin Theroux, who also penned the script for the film and has worked with Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder and starred as the “Evil DJ” in the first Zoolander film.

Now, here’s a Vine of Stiller as Zoolander walking the Valentino Show!

Zoolander 2 will hit theaters on February 12, 2016!