Go Gadget, Go! New Inspector Gadget series is hitting Netflix!

Returning to active duty in new adventures that sees the bumbling hero officially teaming up with his now 14-year old niece Penny and Brain the Dog, Netflix is bringing back "Inspector Gadget" with a brand new series this year!

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For those who grew up watching cartoons in the 1980’s, you may have come across a certain bumbling detective who has all of these different gadgets coming out of his body to help him fight crime and defeat the evil Dr. Claw and the M.A.D organization.


Yes, I’m talking about the return of “Inspector Gadget”, who has a new animated TV series coming to Netflix. As a sequel to the original 1983 series, the new 2015 show sees Gadget coming out of retirement and now accompanied by his now 14-year old niece Penny and her smart dog, The Brain. The trio continue their adventures after Dr. Claw is thawed out and resurrects his evil organization of M.A.D. Joining the evil villain is his own nephew Talon, whom Penny has a crush on but is still determined to stop alongside her naive uncle.

Here’s the trailer for the show, giving a glimpse at the brand new adventures of Gadget and company,

Streaming in Netflix starting this March 27, the new Inspector Gadget series will run for 26 episodes.