WATCH: See the first trailer for “Fear The Walking Dead”

With the end of the fifth season of The Walking Dead, AMC is giving fans of the zombie TV series something to tide them over until the return of the main show later this fall, as the network presents the first teaser trailer to the new spin-off series "Fear The Walking Dead"!

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Following the end of the fifth season of the critically-acclaimed zombie drama television series, it’s going to be a LONG WAIT until fans see the continuation of Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors’ story when The Walking Dead returns sometime fall this year.


That doesn’t mean that AMC is done with showing more of the world devastated by the undead virus, as the network is prepared to unleash the brand new spinoff TV series that pretty much starts on the early days of the outbreak… And it’s called “Fear The Walking Dead“!

Set far away from Atlanta and in the city of Los Angeles, the teaser is a short but sweet introduction of the new series, which runs for six episodes and has been given the green light to run for two seasons!

Starring Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens, Fear The Walking Dead follows a Los Angeles family struggling to survive the first days of the zombie epidemic that will inevitably ravage the entire planet. According to series creator Robert Kirkman, the show will be a prequel set before the events of Rick’s journey, but will eventually catch up to the current timeline the show is in.

Fear The Walking Dead will air sometime this Summer on AMC!