Check out a sneak peek of Justice League: Gods & Monsters

Looking to explore more of the DC Elseworlds type format on animated form, DC Entertainment has released a "Sneak Peek" of the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie coming this year that sees a very different interpretation of the Justice League in "Justice League: Gods and Monsters".

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This is not the Justice League that you know and love, as DC Universe Animated Original Movies literally takes a bold turn that reinvents the World’s Greatest Heroes… And introduces them as dark counterparts that terrify the world rather than saving it.


Released alongside the new animated film “Batman Vs Robin“, DC Entertainment gives fans a sneak peek of their next DC Universe direct-to-video flick called “Justice League: Gods and Monsters“.


In this reality, Superman is the son of General Zod, Batman is Kirk Langstrom (aka Man-Bat in regular DC Continuity), and Wonder Woman is tied with the New Gods, having a relationship with Orion. These beings are feared and not the heroes you know, as the filmmakers and animators are directly paying tribute to the “Elseworlds” era of DC Comics where other realities in the vast DC Multiverse are explored… And the characters we all know and love so well are not the same ones and lead very different lives as well.

Here’s a special “Sneak Peek” at the film, as seen in YouTube, Nerd on the Rocks, and Comic The story centers around the league trying to investigate the mysterious deaths and killings of prominent DC Universe scientists in this world… Only to meet hostilities and oppression at every turn.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is set for release sometime in 2015.