Today is Free Comic Book Day!

Today is the first Saturday of May... And it's Free Comic Book Day! Don't forget to visit your favorite comic book shops and specialty stores to get some comics ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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In case you were wondering what day it is, it’s that time of the year where comic book fans new and old converge, and you should be heading to your local comic book shop or book store for the worldwide event that is Free Comic Book Day!


Every first Saturday of May, participating comic book specialty shops around the world give comics absolutely for free, and each year offers some of the best if not different sets of books that attract readers new and old to the hobby.

In case you were wondering what comics are available, here’s the list courtesy of the official Free Comic Book Day website!

Get titles like DC Comics Divergence and Marvel’s Secret Wars! There’s a lot to be excited for!


In case you’re looking for a place to celebrate in the Philippines, go visit participating Fully Booked branches!


Go to a comic book store near you for FCBD 2015!