E3 2015: Bethesda reveals Fallout 4 release date, info, Pip-Boy, and more!


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    After debuting so much new information, teases, and trailers for their new properties coming out in the next few years, Bethesda saved the best thing for last for their very first Electronic Entertainment Expo Press Conference, and revealed a TON of information for what is arguably their most anticipated new sequel in Fallout 4!


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    Taking to the stage to present the information to the audience attending their show in E3, video game designer and Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard pretty much laid down the information that fans wanted to see, starting with describing the creative process of making a Fallout game… And slowly transitioning to actual gameplay for the sequel everyone’s waiting for!


    Feast your eyes on nine minutes of actual gameplay demonstration of Fallout 4 in action, (explained and run through by Todd Howard himself) with players actually creating their characters at the beginning before the nuclear holocaust, and eventually customizing later on after emerging from Vault 111.

    So literally… WOW. There’s so much to this game than one actually expected to see!


    In addition to more realistic elements and features, a new version of the PipBoy was introduced, featuring some more unique tweaks and modes that surely show how far developing a video game has come and closely borders on realism.


    Fallout 4 also allows players to build their own communities, as well as customize their own weapons and power suits using whatever they can find in the wasteland. The possibilities are endless!


    There was so much more introduced during the press con presentation, including the announcement of an actual working “Pip-Boy” that will come bundled with the collector’s edition of the game, as well as a Pip-Boy App (Story via!


    Plus, a new iOS game is out that allows players to play Overseer and build their own Vault! It’s called “Fallout Shelter“, and it’s OUT NOW at the Apple Store!

     Then comes the E3 action montage trailer.

    And that’s pretty much what went down during Bethesda’s lengthy and first E3 Press Conference! They didn’t end things without revealing the biggest surprise of them all… And that’s Fallout 4’s release date… Coming on November 10, 2015 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

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