WATCH: Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles – Big


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    After two very different interpretations of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel were unveiled this week, the third episode of Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, and Machinima’sJustice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles” web series has arrived – and it takes a stab at introducing a much more aggressive Wonder Woman who isn’t afraid to show how powerful she is to her partner, Steve Trevor.


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    In the episode “Big“, the third member of the “Big Three” of the Justice League makes a timely save after trevor gets apprehended during his mission by members of Kobra. However, both have to face a larger threat in the form of “Giganta“.

     Justice League: Gods and Monsters will be released on digital and home video on July 28.

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    Tim Villasor
    Regularly cosplays as Batman (founding member of Justice PH) for events. Writer for GMA Sci-Tech and former contributor to Playground Magazine. Pop culture Crusader.


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