By now, most of you have already gotten a taste of the dark and gritty world that DC Entertainment and Bruce Timm have cooked up with the first episode of “Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles” called “Twisted” – which introduced a new kind of Batman that is vampiric in nature and finished off an insane Harley Quinn in a bloody way, literally.


Now, the second episode of the web series developed by Warner Bros. DC Entertainment, and Machinima has arrived, showing off the second member of the “Trinity” that is both familiar and different at the same time – Superman, who was raised in this timeline as son. In the episode “Bomb“, the Kryptonian fights off against one of his most recognizable enemies in Braniac… And the outcome is not what you’d expect from the Man of Steel on a regular basis.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters comes out for digital and home video on July 28.


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