WATCH: Kingdom Hearts III gets a new trailer for E3 2015

Finally giving fans of the franchise a new taste of what's next for the Disney/ Square Enix RPG Hybrid franchise, a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer was showcased during Square Enix's E3 2015 press conference, and it looks awesome!

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Joining all the hype, buzz, and excitement that several gaming companies and developers gave with their respective press conferences, Square Enix presented and showcased some of their latest upcoming games on this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, and there was plenty of eye candy to see with the numerous trailers they had in store for fans worldwide.

One of the most anticipated games many wanted to see was an update on the status of Kingdom Hearts III – the next installment of the Disney/ Square Enix RPG hybrid franchise.


Currently in development and still without a release date attached to it, this next chapter in the saga of Sora and friends was sought after by many… And Square Enix gave fans their wish with a trailer showcase on E3 2015.

Kingdom Hearts III will be released for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.