WATCH: Ladies and Gentleman… The first Fallout 4 trailer

War truly never changes... And now fans of the Fallout franchise are finally getting a true sequel that continues the post-apocalyptic saga we know and love as "Fallout 4" is officially confirmed with an epic cinematic trailer!

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Following several rumors, reports, and just downright speculation about its next intended destination, Bethesda Softworks has finally broken the silence and unleashed the trailer everyone has been waiting for… FALLOUT 4.


After initializing a countdown timer yesterday that had the familiar words “Please Stand By” on it, the developers have pulled the curtain and unleashed the very first Fallout 4 trailer, which is just nothing short of cinematic, epic, and featuring the iconic voice of Ron Perlman, who just blows things away with another dialogue that ends with “War Never Changes“.

Confirming a report Kotaku made in December 2013, Fallout 4 will be taking place in Boston, and will likely feature that Vault 111 dweller who has managed to emerge out of his home and into the wasteland… With a cute German Shepard dog as his guide!


Fallout 4 will be hitting Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but expect Bethesda to reveal more details (and possilbly gameply) at their press conference on this year’s E3 in June 14!