WATCH: Harley Quinn parody “Do You Wanna Kill The Batman?” gets animated

In what is truly "mad love" and simply cute but evil, Harley Quinn sings to the tune of Frozen's "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" in this fanmade piece of "Do You Wanna Kill The Batman?", sung by Sydney Amber and getting a small animated clip by animator Michael Smith!

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If there’s one thing you know about The Joker’s girlfriend and sidekick Harley Quinn, it’s that she’ll literally DO ANYTHING to win over Mistah J’s heart… So this parody of Frozen’s “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” sung to the tune of “Do You Wanna Kill The Batman?” is just absolutely PERFECT to see.


Originally sung by Sydney Amber and with lyrics done by Hesychia7, animator Michael Smith took the next step by actually animating this wonderful and playful piece of the female jester trying to ask her “Puddin'” if they can kill the Caped Crusader. Just give it a watch and see how cute and evil this little scene is, with a showcase of how it was animated by Smith as well.