Asia Pop Comic Con Aftermath: Meeting Colton Haynes, aka Roy Harper of “Arrow”!

One week since Asia Pop Comic Con is enough to warrant "Con Hangover", and one of the definite highlights of that western popculture sensation event was fans and attendees meeting and greeting actor, model, and "Arrow" star Colton Haynes! Here's a brief feature on how Mr. Roy Harper/ Arsenal made everyone's APCC weekend, as he was on hand for photo ops, autograph signings, and meet and greet sessions!

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been exactly one week since Asia Pop Comic Con hit Philippine shores and introduced a western themed convention that everyone could be proud of and see lots of potential in. That’s all thanks to the efforts of the organizers and people behind the event who brought a great pool of talent as guest celebrities… And one of them was none other than model and actor Colton Haynes, better known for his roles as Jackson Whitmore in MTV’s Teen Wolf, and as Oliver Queen’s sidekick and protege Roy Harper/ Arsenal in the hit CW superhero TV Series, Arrow!



Gracing the presence of the inaugural ever APCC in Metro Manila on September 19 and 20, Colton was there to meet and greet his fans – especially the Teen Wolf and Arrow ones, during his very first visit to the Philippines! Day 2 of the convention saw the man meeting the press and doing scheduled autograph signings and photograph sessions with paying patrons. The last day of APCC was special, as he has an exclusive panel discussion on Hall B where the audience got to learn more about the actor/ model’s life and future, as well as some Q&A’s from participants and fans as well!


During the panel, Haynes answered all forms of questions related to his career and free time (which is normally covered in his social media pages) While he certainly isn’t busy in Arrow anymore thanks to his character departing from the show as a regular, Colton has promised Arsenal fans that he WILL be returning somewhere down the line and rejoining Team Arrow at some point. It wasn’t clear when and where that would happen… But it’s a safe bet he’ll be back to assist Oliver (Stephen Amell) and company when the time is right… And perhaps rekindle his relationship with Thea Queen (Willa Holland), who has taken up the red suit he once wore and now goes by the name “Speedy“. Mr. Haynes also expressed that he missed his Teen Wolf family as well, and would love to jump at the chance at working with them at some capacity again.




One highlight for this writer on APCC was getting a chance to get a Photo Op with Colton Haynes as a cosplayer! I suited up as The Arrow alongside my young pal and sidekick Gelo as Arsenal… And Colton was just stoked at seeing “his peeps” joining him for a photo op! The image above says it all… And I hope we see Roy Harper/ Arsenal himself back in The Philippines to visit again!

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