Meeting Linda Le: A Pre-Asia Pop Comic Con meeting with Vampy Bit Me!

One of the biggest Cosplay and Pop Culture conventions is happening this week with the first ever Asia Pop Comic Con, and the UnGeek team got to meet and know the awesome, talented, and beautiful cosplay celebrity Linda Le, better known as "Vampy Bit Me"!

asiapop comicon

If you guys haven’t heard about it by now, there’s this big convention called Asia Pop Comic Con happening from September 17-20, and a lot of guest celebrities and stuff from the world of popular culture and geekdom will be on hand for those living in The Philippines to see!


Of course, it wouldn’t be a convention without seeing some fans dressing up and cosplaying as their favorite characters from numerous genres… And what better way to represent the cosplay community than having celebrity cosplayer, model, and internet personality Linda Le, better known by her alias “Vampy Bit Me”, here as a guest for APCC!


Gracing the official Asia Pop Comic Con press event held at The Peninsula Manila last September 15, Vampy and other esteemed APCC guests were on hand to give the media, press, and other guests a preview of things to come. The other guest celebrities who made the press conference included Jeremy “The Voice of Finn The Human” Shada, his band Make Out Monday, reknowned Toy artist J*RYU, and America’s Next Top Model star and model Allison Harvard! All of them expressed that they were ready and pretty excited to meet their fans for APCC this week, and they literally had our attention just by being there already!

After the introductions and press conference proper ended, each of us got to meet the stars one on one for some brief interviews and Q&A sessions. The UnGeek team and I got to talk with Vampy, and it was literally both an honor and surprise to know the girl famous for several cosplays revolving around characters from several popular anime, comic books, and video games! Dressed in her pretty awesome Psylocke costume from the X-Men series, she started things off by talking about her dedication to cosplay – actually embracing the role of the characters she portrays and paying attention to every detail and sort into making the costume and sticking to the mannerisms and personality of said character. Besides comic book characters like Psylocke,  she’s cosplayed well known game characters like Chun-Li from Street Fighter and Morrigan from Darkstalkers, as well as other anime characters like Female Type Ranma and Rei Ayanami from Evangelion!

Being a big fan of Gundam, she amazed me with her stories about crafting and actually designing a suit based from Gundam Unicorn – which is just WOW when you see it in her official Facebook page!


Having cosplayed for over 12 years, the one thing that struck me about Vampy is that she herself is a FAN – a gamer, a collector, and most of all a crafter who really loves what she does. She rarely does “cute” cosplays or watches videos taken of herself, but she totally has the passion and the heart to do what she loves. In fact, that’s what got her several gigs and collaborations with known companies like Bandai Namco Entertainment, Udon Entertainment, and so much more.


In closing, here’s a shot of me and with Vampy! Being a fellow geek and cosplayer, it was so awesome to meet you!

Be sure to catch Linda Le/ Vampy Bit Me at Asia Pop Comic Con Manila this weekend! Follow her at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!