Street Fighter V introduces a new fighter: Rashid of the Turbulent Wind!

The next installment of the Street Fighter​ series is literally getting a second wind, as the second brand new character revealed hails from the Middle East! Meet Rashid of the Turbulent Wind!



The Street Fighter series has been well known to feature characters that display powers and abilities that far exceed the bounds of a normal martial arts contest… So how about throwing in a middle eastern combatant who has the ability to control and harness the powers of the wind?


Meet Rashid of the Turbulent Wind – the latest addition to the confirmed 16 playable character roster of Street Fighter V at launch, as well as the second brand new character added to the series. As the eldest son of an old Middle Eastern family, Rashid displays some exceptional talent with his wind powers, and combines his speed and agility with his charming personality to boot.

Check out the reveal trailer… And remember his name well.

 Street Fighter V will be released exclusively for PS4 and PC on March 2016.