We Finally Have a Playthrough Video! That’s right, folks! We’re stepping it up a notch by giving you gameplay videos of some of the awesome titles available on PS4 and, hopefully, on the PC as well.

Until Dawn comes highly recommended to us by all the geeks we hang out with and because of the genre it belongs to, you should be getting some pretty awesome reactions from the team. A few things to note is that we have yet to acquire the most precious capture card that seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue — The Elgato — We hope to be getting one soon so you can expect longer Playthroughs from us with out the horrors of splicing together clips in post. Thank you, Playstation, for bring able to record in 15 minute batches. We’re also working out the kinks with our audio so you can hear our awesome voices clearer and probably a shrill shriek or two from all us men at UnGeek. Thus, this shall be labeled as Episode 0. A sneak peek if you will.

Disclaimers aside, we hope you guys enjoy our first ever Playthrough on UnGeek. Check out the video below:



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