So. much. HYPE!

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT has been oozing with hype lately. Aside from the initial trailers and the weekend trial run we tried out, they’ve been releasing awesome sneak-peeks and gameplay videos that showed off its various features. When you watch one, you just can’t help but BE EXCITED for its release.

Get right into the heat of the battles of STAR WARS
Get right into the heat of the battles of STAR WARS


I mean, how CAN’T you get hyped up with all this? You have trailers showing the epic battles of STAR WARS, you have the amazing music from the movies playing, and, MOST OF ALL, you got the newest Star Wars movie coming out NEXT MONTH! But nope. That wasn’t enough. It just got even BETTER and hype got even BIGGER because our favorite geek gal, Anna Kendrick, join the battle in the Star Wars: Battlefront Live Action Trailer – Become More Powerful. It’s so epic, you need to see it yourself:


I, for one, can’t wait for the release on November 17! See you all on the battlefront then! Who knows, Anna Kendrick may just be fighting alongside us on that day as well!

If you need to tide yourself over till then or if you just want more hype, check out the gameplay launch trailer too! 😀



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