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    Cartoon Finds: Super Science Friends


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    Your hypothesis is moot. Time has been altered. History re-written. Welcome to the cultural revolution, this is Super Science Friends.

    Super Science Friends Poster
    Attention science loving friends and fellow lab rats! Here’s a short animation web series with a clever mix of cultural and scientific concepts to tickle your funny bone. Brought to you by Tinman Creative Studios, SUPER SCIENCE FRIENDS “…is an animated series about a team of super-powered scientists (Freud, Einstein, Tesla, Darwin & Tapputi) who travel through time fighting nazis, renegade soviet cosmonauts and their own scientific rivals!”  (taken from the description of their Kickstarter Campaign).

    The show feels like an “Adult Swim” Cartoon (from Cartoon Network) and features very humorous situations… made better with SCIENCE! It was definitely a hit with me when I found it as it gave a smart yet silly vibe.
    Episode 1 has been released and can be viewed right here! Now, let’s watch this…. because SCIENCE!

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    Disclaimer: The video below contains some mature content. Viewer Discretion is advised.

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