Fans of the FALLOUT Franchise have been very VERY excited as of late. That’s because FALLOUT 4 is JUST ABOUT TO LAUNCH! The game officially releases on November 10 worldwide. Some physical copies are already here on our shores and are available for purchase. Others have been delayed to tomorrow. STEAM, is launching a little bit before midnight. So you can imagine the Fallout hype gamers all over have been feeling… myself included. @_@

Fallout 4 Poster


So in addition to all the videos online that you can consumer to fuel the hype until you get to play, allow us to show you one more bit of Fallout 4 awesomeness care of the Clueless Gamer himself, Conan O’Brien! That’s right. We get a preview of the game from one of the most amusing game reviewers ever. I’m not gonna keep you waiting any longer. Check out the CLUELESS GAMER REVIEW OF FALLOUT 4 as well as the FALLOUT 4 LAUNCH TRAILER below. Enjoy! I’ll see you guys in the Wasteland! 🙂


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